"An attempt to integrate the teaching of the English language & ICT, using MUSIC as a mere pretext."

Sunday, September 29, 2013



                                                         Photo by Jesús Canca

Welcome to this new school year 2013/2014.

Let's celebrate it with a song called "COLORFIELD" 
by Loheem, a French artist singing in English.

As we can see later, "Colorfield" is a metaphor
for our new academic year.

Now, watch the following video
and simply enjoy her voice/music: 


Watch the video again and pay attention just to the first part of the lyrics
(1st paragraph/stanza) and Identify the 3 invented lines:

                                        1.-  The morning came before the sun
                                        2.-  I don't know how, I don't know why
                                        3.-  I don't know what, I don't know where
                                        4.-  I feel the rainbow in my hands
                                        5.-  I see the rainbow in your eyes
                                        6.-  Red and black orange and grey
                                        7.-  Blue and green pink and white
                                        8.-  Yellow waves all around us
                                        9.-  I know we have to share
                                       10.- This so amazing trip we're gonna do
                                       11.- Don't be afraid all day, I stay with you
                                       12.- Don't be afraid all day, I stay with my dog 

ANSWER: The 3 Invented Lines are the lines number ...

You can check your answers here.


And just to finish,
... Think about a question:
Which lines (from "Colorfield") can be considered a metaphor
for our new academic year?


Welcome and 
 ... Good Luck !!