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Saturday, November 25, 2017


No !! 
This is not an expression in an African language. 
And this is not an invented word in English either. 
They are 4 different combinations at random of 2 consonants (K,L) and 2 vowels (A,U). 
As a result we have 3 inexistent words and 1 proper name.
If you guess which of the four words is the right one, 
you will get the title of a song…                 
So, What is the title of the song?
__  __  __  __

TASK: Guessing.

Before watching the video, listen to the chorus of the song and check 
how much information do you know about the song.

*TASK: Watch the video and listen to the song:
        Facts about the song
  • Song:
    a) Despacito     b) Luka     c) Final Countdown
  • Date of release:
    a) 2017            b) 1970      c) 1987
  • Genre:
    a) Alternative rock    b) Classical music     c) Heavy music
  • Writer:
    a) Su
    zanne Vega   b) Shakira     c) Madonna
"My name is Luka" 
You are right. "Luka" is a rock song recorded by Suzanne Vega in 1987. Here you will get some information about the song, links to the lyrics and the official video.

Lyrics of the song

TASKFill-in the blanks:

My name ____ Luka
I ____ on the second floor
I ____ upstairs from you
Yes I ____ you've seen me before

If you ____ something late at night
Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight
Just don't ___ me what it was
Just don't ___ me what it was
Just don't ___ me what it was

I think it'__ because I'__ clumsy
I try not to ____ too loud
Maybe it'__ because I'__ crazy
I try not to ____ too proud

They only ____ until you ____
After that you don't ____ why
You just don't _____ anymore
You just don't _____ anymore
You just don't _____ anymore

Yes I ____ I'm okay
I _____ into the door again
If you ____ that's what I'll ____
And it'__ not your business anyway
I _____ I'd like to be alone
With nothing broken, nothing thrown

Just don't ____ me how I ____ 
Just don't ____ me how I ____
Just don't…

You can use the following words to fill in the blanks:

think              live (2)            is
ask (3)                 hear
act          talk         ‘s (2)         ‘m (2)
ask              argue (3)          hit         cry
‘s         say         ask       walked        think        guess
am  (2)               ask  (2)   


(*Use the lyrics of the song to translate it into Spanish.)

Meaning of the song

"Luka" is a very special song.
*After reading/listening to the song, please answer the following two questions:

1.- What does the title refer to? 

2.- What is the song about? Why?

(a) Luka is a song about domestic violence
(b) Luka is a song about child abuse
(c) Luka is a song about both domestic violence and child abuse
(d) Luka is a song about none of them

Interesting information about the song
This song was one of the earliest to deal with child abuse and domestic violence. One critic said:
…"the 'happy' music is a metaphorical denial, making this seem beautiful and serene while discussing something terrible and devastating. It is a wonderful use of tune as a metaphor for how many abuse victims also deny their abuse, and is a profound classic."

There is not a unique opinion:
For some people, Luka is a song about domestic violence.(a)
For other people, it is about child abuse. (b)
Two different ways of referring to the same bloody thing: ABUSE.


Have a look at the blog “English@Edrissis”: A ROSE FOR THE VICTIMS http://englishedrissis.blogspot.com.es/2011/02/rose-for-victims.html

Monday, October 9, 2017


Talking about colours...

How do you spell it correctly? COLOR or COLOUR?

Both of them are correct:

COLOR (American English) - COLOUR (British English)

                  By the way...

How many colours do you know?

How many colours are there in the picture?

What colour is your favourite?

Which colour is the best one? Why?


Listen to One Voice Children's Choir sing "TRUE COLORS".

Watch as children from the choir begin singing in pure white clothing, 
and then end the song covered in colorful powder.

The Group:
One Voice Children's Choir is a non-profit children's musical group based in the USA.

The Song:
"TRUE COLORS" is originally made by Cindy Lauper, 
but nowadays it is a song performed by Justin Timberlake.


After Checking the lyrics of the song 
discuss its meaning

Pay attention to the Chorus:

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

What is the real meaning of the song?

"Don't be afraid to show your true colors"

1.- An incredible metaphor for what we humans can do together despite our differences.
2.- We all have our weaknesses, but we have to pay attention to our positive things.
3.- There is a diversity between the children. It shows a mixture of wonderful race -really true colors.
4.- We all rae the same, Humans. All the colors of the world in one planet.

All of them are real interpretations of the song by different people.
The song can mean something different to everyone who hears it.



Now compare different versions of the song "TRUE COLORS" 
Match the videos (different versions of the song)  with the singers:

1. Cyndi Lauper
2. Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick
3. Phil Collins
4. Perpetuum Jazzile

1- ...
2- ...
3- ...
4- ...





Which version do you like? Why?


In your opinion,

a) Which version is the original one?
b) Which version is made without any musical instruments?
c) Which version is the soundtrack of the film "THE TROLLS"?
d) Which version is sang by a British singer?


Just to finish, 

But I see your true colors

Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow


Friday, February 10, 2017



Do you know the song "THANK YOU"
by the English singer DIDO??

We share here a Project about the song "Thank You",
carried out by one of our students.

It is an excellent example of a Good Educative Practice 
in our English Classroom at CEPA "Edrissis", Ceuta (Spain).

a 21-year-old student of English in "Secondary Education for Adults".
(February, 2017)

On his own words...
This piece of work fulfills all the objectives foreseen
in the development of this task-based project:

"El proyecto me ha brindado la oportunidad 
de trabajar con ámbitos que me apasionan:
las nuevas tecnologías e internet, 
la música y la lengua inglesa".


As a summary of all the online sites used.
we can observe the following Word-Cloud:

As the result of the combination of all of them,
dealing with the MUSIC in ENGLISH
and different selected tools on INTERNET,
this is the final product.

We hope you like it!!

Justo to finish, and in case you don't know it,
 listen to the song "Thank you", by Dido
and watch her official video-clip:


Thank You, Yusef !!

Thank you for your enthusiasm
and sharing your project with us all!


And finally, after enjoying the project "THANK YOU" carried out by our friend, we think it is the right moment to have a look at the process of the elaboration of the Project "My Song".

Good luck!! 
Good Projects!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017



Have you ever heard about 

VOCAL SAMPLING is a musical group from Cuba. 
They are known for their adaptations of traditional famous songs.

The six members of Vocal Sampling sing "a cappella"
 imitating the different musical instruments used originally in such songs.

As a good example of their work,
watch (and enjoy) their version of

Remember they have 
They sing 
ONLY with their VOICES !!

Now you can compare that adaptation 
with the original version of that song by

And you can watch the original "HOTEL CALIFORNIA" 
on the following video:

I hope you enjoy both versions ;-)

You can check the lyrics of HOTEL CALIFORNIA.