"An attempt to integrate the teaching of the English language & ICT, using MUSIC as a mere pretext."

Friday, February 10, 2017



Do you know the song "THANK YOU"
by the English singer DIDO??

We share here a Project about the song "Thank You",
carried out by one of our students.

It is an excellent example of a Good Educative Practice 
in our English Classroom at CEPA "Edrissis", Ceuta (Spain).

a 21-year-old student of English in "Secondary Education for Adults".
(February, 2017)

On his own words...
This piece of work fulfills all the objectives foreseen
in the development of this task-based project:

"El proyecto me ha brindado la oportunidad 
de trabajar con ámbitos que me apasionan:
las nuevas tecnologías e internet, 
la música y la lengua inglesa".


As a summary of all the online sites used.
we can observe the following Word-Cloud:

As the result of the combination of all of them,
dealing with the MUSIC in ENGLISH
and different selected tools on INTERNET,
this is the final product.

We hope you like it!!

Justo to finish, and in case you don't know it,
 listen to the song "Thank you", by Dido
and watch her official video-clip:


Thank You, Yusef !!

Thank you for your enthusiasm
and sharing your project with us all!


And finally, after enjoying the project "THANK YOU" carried out by our friend, we think it is the right moment to have a look at the process of the elaboration of the Project "My Song".

Good luck!! 
Good Projects!!