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Saturday, April 16, 2011

King of the Comedy

                                                                         Charlie Chaplin

                                                    Today is Saturday, 16th April.

On 16th April 1889, Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England. His parents were both entertainers in the music hall tradition. His father was a vocalist and an actor, and his mother was a singer and an actress. Perhaps he learned his profession of comedian at home... Who Knows?

To commemorate that date, let's watch a short video to remember him.

This video clip is funny because all Chaplin's movements are done on the rhythm of Brahms' music.  (Brahms- Hungarian Dance number 5).
                                                                                                      I hope you enjoy it!!

TASK.- Put a TITLE to the following video:

(The invented TITLE has to be different to the original one: "THE BARBER").

                                                                                                                    R.I.P. Charlie
                                                                                                                    (Rest In Peace)

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