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Monday, February 27, 2012

Watsap ? Wassup ? or Whatsup ?

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Perhaps you use it everyday,
Or a friend of yours uses it frequently.
I’m sure you know what it is.
And probably, you pronounce it correctly 
( ... even with an English accent ).
But … 
 ... How do you write it properly?

Watsap ?  Wassup ?  or  Whatsup ?

… ??
(No idea ??)


It’s…  “WhatsApp” !!

And “WhatsApp” comes from English:

WhatsApp =  
What  +  App (Application)

… and playing with words…
You also have, in English, the expression
“What’s up?” (meaning “What is it going on?”),
pronounced in a very similar way.


 What is a “WhatsApp" ?

According to the English version of Wikipedia,

“WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging application for smartphones. In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other images, video and audio media messages.” (…)

According to the Spanish version of Wikipedia,

“WhatsApp es un software de mensajería instantánea para smartphones. Además del envío de texto, permite la transmisión de imágenes, video y audio, así como la localización del usuario siempre y cuando exista la posibilidad. La aplicación utiliza la red de datos del dispositivo móvil en el que se esté ejecutando, por lo tanto funciona conectada a internet a diferencia de los servicios tradicionales de mensajes cortos o multimedia.” (…)


FURTHER READING.- (English  &  Spanish)
You can read more about “WhatsApp”
its advantages and disadvantages, 
on the following blog .


But, If you are a user of “WhatsApp”,
… Be careful !!
“WhatsApp” can be “dangerous” on some occasions.
As an example of it,
Have a look at the following 
short film “Doble_Check”
(in Spanish with English subtitles):

And you… ??
Do you …“WhatsApp”  ??

Let’s finish this post with a video from the “Carnival of Cádiz” (a well-known city from the South of Spain, famous by its Carnival).  The feeling of this Carnival is the sharp criticism and the funny play on words. The most famous groups are the chirigotas”; satiric popular groups singing about politics and household topics, wearing the same costume.

The following video is a song about “WhatsApp” , by a “chirigota” called “Los Puretas del Caribe” from the 2012 edition of the Carnival of Cádiz”.

Hope you like it !

 ¡¡ Menuda "guasa" !!


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