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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Tribute to All Women


Today (March 8th) is International Women's Day.

Let's consider this post
Simply a Tribute to All Women
Let's share a song and a poem for all Working Women:

First, the song ...

"I'm Every Woman"
by Chaka Khan

You can check the lyrics of the song here .

And Second, the poem...

 by Deedee

Every working woman wants to:
Perform meaningful tasks
Take pride in all her accomplishments
Set goals she can reach
Enhance her boss’ life
And make him look good

Every working woman wants to:
Have a position where she is needed
Make a difference in someone else’s life
Be able to get along with her co-workers
Be a team member
Be a team player

Every working woman wants to:
Make enough money to support herself
And have enough left over for pleasure
Have some meaningful time alone
Spend quality time with her mate
Not be stressed out at the end of her day
So she can love and nurture her children
And still be able to satisfy her man

But mostly, every working woman wants to:
Be taken seriously as a worker
And still be a woman.


This poem, according to her author, discusses the issues that are most important to every working woman.
Do you agree with all the statements mentioned on the poem?
Please, If you disagree with some of the statements, name them and reason your answer.


Talking about...
Celebrating Working Women
on this International Women's day ...

Watch the following video as a summary of the role played by women in recent history. 
It provides a look at several interesting facts about the changes and developments 
that have impactted women in the workforce. 


A worthwhile video, isn't it?
And just to finish...

Have a look at the following video
dedicated to all the Modern Women I know...

 Have a lovely International Women's Day!