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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer's Last Dance

To Donna

                              Donna Summer

                                   Donna Summer is an American singer-songwriter
                                   who died a few days ago (May 17th, 2012) in Florida.

                                   She was considered "The Queen of Disco"
                                   and was really famous during the late 1970's.

                                   I'm a 70's baby ang grew up with her songs.
                                   I particularly remember...
                                   her "Last Dance"...

                                                                                               ... A really nice voice.

 Let's pay tribute to Donna Summer with her 
"Last Dance" (1978)

Last dance / Last chance for love / Yes, it's my last chance / For romance tonight /
I need you by me / Beside me, to guide me / To hold me, to scold me /
'Cause when I'm bad / I'm so bad.

So let's dance the last dance / let's dance the last dance / 
let's dance this last dance tonight /

Yeah, will you be my Mr Right / Can you fill my appetite / I can't be sure / 
That you're the one for me / But all that I ask / is that you dance with me / 
Dance with me, yeah.

(Rest In Peace)

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