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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perpetuum Jazzile

                                                                                    Photo taken from its official website

- A  Group from Slovenia -

Do you know that group?

To tell you the truth,
I didn't know them until today
(thanks to Miguel, a friend of mine).
Perhaps you dodn't know them either.
And that's the reason of this post.
In my opinion, it is worth listening to them.
 They are really good !

Watch the following video
and try to translate the lyrics of the song
into Spanish -if possible.


The video is a proof that... 
nearly every kind of music can be sung!
Don't you think so?

The group has a website, where you can read:
"The stage is our canvas,
we paint with our voices,
we blend and combine them
into masterpieces.
Happy faces drive us forward
and reassure us
that what we do,
we do with all our heart and devotion."
                                             Nice, isn´t it? 

After a concert of  Perpetuum Jazzile somebody said:
“Perpetuum Jazzile is a vocal group in which music is actually the only thing 
the singers take seriously.”
Well, there is some truth to that… but there is more...
Powerful rhythms, rich harmonies and energetic sounds 
are what they love to make and give to the audience through "a cappella" songs.

It seems that ...
Friendship is what connects them; 
and music is what they live for.

A nice thought for these difficult times.

And just to finish, 
let's take a reflection from them ...

"Who needs instruments when we have voices?"


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