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Saturday, October 19, 2013

International Day against Breast Cancer

Many of us are affected by cancer every day ...

... by the memories of the loved ones we've lost,
by the struggle that friends and family members are enduring,
or by our own experiences battling the disease.

Let's celebrate this day remembering all the people
who have suffered or are suffering from this disease.

 Today is the International Day against Breast Cancer.
This Breast Cancer day is marked on 19 October 
to raise awareness of this type of cancer 
and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment.

We want all women become aware of the importance
of timely diagnosis and discovering the illness in its earliest stages.
Because the earlier the disease is detected,
the more likely to eradicate that cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Spain
and about 22.000 new breast cancers are diagnosed per year.
Thanks to early detection programs and advances in diagnosis and treatments
the number of women living with breast cancer is growing year after year. 

For Further Information 
about this topic (in Spanish) 
you can have a look at these links: 

To commemorate this date, 
watch the following video and listen to the song 
"Ain't no mountain high enough"
by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell...

You can check, if you wish,the lyrics of the song at:

Find a synonym in the lyrics for the following words:


Find an antonym in the lyrics for the following words:


Find a word in the lyrics whose definition is:

... a low area between hills or mountains.
... a large natural flow of water travelling along a channel to the sea.
... a muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system.


Just to finish, paying attention to the Chorus,
listen to the song "Ain't no mountain high enough" again
and write down the (4) lines that form the Chorus of the song:

Now translate them into Spanish:

And select which of the following English idioms or idiomatic expressions 
summarizes the message of the song:

                                                                 a) "Go to a hen party".
                                                                 b) "Be a guinea pig".
                                                                 c) "Be an early bird".
                                                                 d) "Never give up the ship".


This post has been written with love to share our support 
to all those women and their families who have suffered 
or are suffering nowadays this illness.

Jesús Canca

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  1. Ya sabes que me encanta tu trabajo. Visítanos de vez en cuando, mis posts no están tan elaborados, siguen la línea constante de fill the gaps porque funciona muy bien con los chavales de 11-12 años: http://bargasteachersongs.blogspot.com.es/
    See You/ Kisses