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Friday, February 21, 2014


    I  LOVE  CEUTA !!
  To all those who don't know Ceuta... yet 

... let me show you my home-town,
a beautiful small Spanish town 

located on the north coast of Africa,
and share with you the following video...

** Please, if you cannot watch te video, use this LINK. **

What do you think?
Do you like it?
I hope so!


And talking about the music...
... Do you know the song?
... and the singer?
Perhaps not!

Let me answer those questions for you...

The music from the video is the song "Life is beautiful", by the singer Tim McMorris.

Tim McMorris is a music producer, a composer and a singer-songwriter living and working out of Niagara Falls, in Canada.

Music has been one of his greatest passions and over the years he has been honored to have had his work featured in various large scale projects around teh world.

Musically speaking, his main focus is currently on creating Royalty Free Music, that is, music specifically created for use on TV, films, animations, commercials, documentaries, webs and any place commercial music is needed.

For more information about Tim McMorris or his music, please visit his  website.

If you feel curiosity about the lyrics of the song
this is simply for you...

"Life is beautiful", 
by Tim McMorris

Hey now
Come on
Let’s go
The music’s playin’

I've got
To move on
To go out
No more delayin'

Pack my things up
Care free
Adventure's waitin'

I´m headin' out
Headin' out to see the rest of the world
Yeah, yeah

So kick it up to stir it up
Alive will make you feel
Press reset with no regret
Make sure to keep it real

The possibilities, right in front of me
Oh all the things that I can be
Got me feelin' free

So turn it up and shout about
'Cause you got something to shout about
And let the world just spin around
As you go on and make more ground

And throw your hands up, ya put em up high
Walk a new path, and go on
And let the cares fly by

And if you take some time to ask me why
You always see me with a smile
I´ll tell yo that

Life is grand, life is great, life is good
Life is beautiful
Ya gotta give it all ya got
Everything you got to give
Time to shine, time to live

Life is grand, life is great, life is good
Life is beautiful
Now your living out your dream
With your hopes up high
Your only limit is the sky
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Standing in a brnad new place
I feel the sun shine on my face
The weather's good, the day is bright
I watched it turn from dark to light

And keep the music going
Keep the good times rollin'
And now I'll never let it stop
You'll only find me growin'
Come on

Sing out a song
And don't be shy
'Cause you'll never know
Till you give it a try

Colourful like a work of art
A brand new day, a brand new start

And once you go up, you´ll never come down
Like your walking right on the air, with you feet far off the ground

And if I take some time to ask you why
I always see you with a smile
You'll tell me that

Life is grand, life is great, life is good
Life is bautiful
Ya gotta give it all ya got
Everything you got to give
Time to shine, time to live

Life is grand, life is great, life is good
Life is beautiful
Now your living out your dream
With your hopes up high
Your only limit is the sky
Hey, hey, hey, hey



Now, have a look at the lyrics of the song and ...

1.- Find 3 Synonyms of "beautiful".
2.- Find as many examples of colloquial English as possible.
3.- Find as many examples of Phrasal Verbs as possible.

And finally,
a funny and hard task...

Play the video again 
and try to sing aloud the song
 "Life is beautiful" with Tim McMorris 
- following the lyrics.

(Can you finish the song?)

Good Luck !!


  1. Congratulations for the video. Your home-tow seens nice and interesting. I feel like visiting it.
    I' m from Toledo and I love my home town so I understand your enthusiasm

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment, Ellen!
      And you are right... Ceuta is a place worthwhile visiting!

  2. Excuse me my mistakes, i write from my phone. so, I mean your home-town seems nice. Really nice a d lo ely i'd say ♡ . kisses from Toledo (Spain). Love for Ceuta (Spain)

    1. Don't worry. I know that your English is much better than your "phone-writing".
      Regards from Ceuta, "La Perla del Mediterráneo". ;-)

  3. Wow! Really makes you go to Ceuta! Well done! Best regards to all the lucky people living in Ceuta! Hope to see you soon!

    1. Thanks, Anders. It is a pleasure having Swedish friends like you!
      Take care. ;-)

  4. What a wonderful video! Such positive vibes radiating from it - you certainly succeeded to combine the music and landscapes and above all the people in a great way. Anders, let's go! Nos gusta Ceuta tambien! Si! I'll be your next door neighbor again for the month of July =) Saludos de Finlandia, Petri

    1. Hi, Petri. Thanks a lot for your words. You know that you (and Anders) are more than welcome to visit Ceuta. Looking forward to seeing you here!

  5. M Isabel Deu del olmoFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:04 AM

    Hello everybody! Good mornig!
    "Me gusta Ceuta, I like Ceuta" is a fantastic project with the pure essence of our city.
    Excuse me for the grammar English, it was not used a long time.
    Congratulations! D. Jesús is a fantastic teacher and a better person, so look after him.
    A best regards! Kisses!
    Mabel Deu. Consejera de Educación, Cultura y Mujer, Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta.

    1. Thank you, Mabel, for visiting "English@Edrissis" and writing a comment.
      The intention of this blog is just to share the video with friends and colleagues from all over Europe.
      Cheers and Kisses.

  6. Nice video Jesús, congratulations! Why don't you share the sunshine? I offer you beautiful pictures of huge waves in Santander!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Juanchi. It would be really nice to be able to share some moments to simply remember the old days. What do you think?
      Regards from Ceuta.