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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Welcome Back

We always have 
new objectives in our minds.

Despite the difficulties,... 
let's work hard and
let's do our best to achieve them!!

                                                                       Photo published at: http://bashny.net/t/es/18533 

Welcome to the new school year.
It's time to start again
your English classes using this blog.

Are you ready?


Before starting, 
It is important to have 3 ideas in mind
to face the new school year and succeed:

1.- Be prepared,
2.- Stay positive, and
3.- Work hard.

But, above all, 
remember the quotation of this month
(October, 2016):

"Whatever you do, 
no matter how hard it may be,
Don't give up the ship!" 
                                                                               (George P. McCallum)

Watch the video,
Listen to the song,
Pay attention to the lyrics and
complete the missing letters from the Chorus:

D_ _' _  Y _ _  G _ _ _  U _
I  W_ _ ' _  G _ _ _  U_
L _ _  M _  L _ _ _  Y _ _

Check out the following information from the previous video:

                         - SINGER: 
                         - TITLE OF THE SONG:
                         - CHORUS: 

And now,
just to finish,
let me play with the Chorus of the song
and let's change the verb of the last line!



That will be my slogan for this new school year:

to achieve your goals"

The blog "English@Edrissis"
and the English teacher
wish you all a successful school year.

Good Luck!!

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