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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"We no speak americano" ?!?!

                       "WE  NO  SPEAK  AMERICANO" * ?!?!

Watch the following video of the song "We no speak americano", by Yolanda Be Cool,
and copy down all the signs (6) that appear on it.

(Be careful! It's not English. It's a mixture of South Italian and something of English.)

SIGNS from the video
SIGNS  from the classic silent movies

Do you like the song?
Think of an adjective to define the song, using the next sentence
The song"We no speak americano" is ____________ . 

You can use one of the adjectives from the table.
(Look up these words in the dictionary. Rememeber We are talking about "MUSIC").
Sexy            Funny         Catchy             Awful
Lively         Boring          Sticky           Awesome
Lovely          Sad              ……               ……..

You can get the LYRICS of the song at:

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