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Friday, July 27, 2012


                                         Guillermo Molina

                                         Lorena Miranda

Tonight is the Final of the Countdown 
for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Athletes from all over the world 
are getting ready for the occasion.

Among them 
there are 2 people from my hometown, Ceuta, ...

Guillermo Molina ...

and Lorena Miranda ...  

... will be in London representing Spain.

Lorena and Guillermo have two things in common:

They re “ceutíes” ...
(people from Ceuta; a small Spanish town on the north of Africa).

They practice the same sport … waterpolo.


If you wish to see Guillermo Molina in action,
watch the following video:


 If you wish to know his opinion about these Olympic Games,
listen to Guillermo before going to London 2012...

From these lines...
We wish all the best to both of them.

Good Luck !! 

In the meanwhile, 
you can get ready ...

Enjoy the Games !

*You can check and follow the Waterpolo Competition Schedule at this blog .

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