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Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Lorena Miranda, a waterpolo player,
The First woman from Ceuta 
who wins an Olympic Medal.

 Lorena Miranda with her parents,
after winning the Silver Medal

Spain wins the Silver Medal in women's waterpolo in London 2012, 
during their first participation in an Olympic Games,
after losing the Olympic Final Match 8-5 at the hands of the United States team.

 This team has put Spain on the map of women's international waterpolo...

... and Lorena Miranda (21 years old), 
one of the players of the Spanish team,
has also put CEUTA on the map.

Congratulations, Lorena,
& Thank you for helping to put
our hometown, CEUTA, on the map.

* * *

To pay tribute to her
let's watch the following video
where Britain's Olympic athletes have made their own version
of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"
to celebrate the success Team GB has enjoyed at the London Olympic Games 2012.

You can check the Lyrics of the song here.

Please Lorena...
Remember the title of the song.
You are very young and
This is just the beginning.
With your hard work and sacrifice,
Success is just round the corner...

Be always positive and think...
"Don't Stop Me Now"


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