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Monday, May 9, 2011


Have you ever heard about Bishopbriggs?

We all know the geographical location of places such as London, Paris or Madrid, for example.

However, many other places are not so well known in general. In other words, they are simply unknown for the man/woman in the street -like myself (a teacher from CEUTA; a small Spanish town on the north coast of Africa, that is opposite Gibraltar and frontier with Morocco).

And that is the case of a nice place called...
 ...Bishopbriggs !!

Do you know that place? ;-)

Let me share an anecdote with you...

When I finished my studies at University in Granada (Spain), I received a phone call from the Spanish Ministry of Education, in Madrid, to let me know that I had been selected for a post as a Language Assistant Teacher in Scotland for the next school year, 1994/1995. 
-          Where?- I asked
The voice, at the other side of the telephone, answered to my geographical ignorance:
-          In Bishopbriggs

Immediately, I replied:

-          Excuse me ?!?!?!?

The voice said again:
Then, I asked once more:
-          Bicho… WHAT ?!?!?
The voice, patiently, repeated louder:
-          BISHOP - BRIGGS

After several unsuccessful attempts, I said:

-          Ah! I Know … Bishop - briggs.

But I didn´t… I simply had repeated what the lady had uttered a second before.
To tell you the truth, I had never heard about Bishopbriggs before. And what is more, I hadn’t a clue where Bishopbriggs was. But it did not matter to me.  I accepted the post. I was excited and happy because I was going to that place, although I didn´t know where it was.  And today I simply can tell you that it was great!

I spent one school year of my life in a secondary school in Bishopbriggs, teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (and improving my English as well) and it was wonderful, both professionally and personally. Even I still have very good friends there, ... the Griffins. 

Today, I miss the old days in wet Scotland (despite the weather).

So, ... Because of that personal experience, I know a small nice Scottish location called Bishopbriggs. 


And... That is what normally happens!! Sometimes, either personal experiences (like in my case) or famous people (such as well-known singers) put certain places on the map...

Today, for many people, Amy Macdonald ...

... and her "This is the Life" has put Bishopbriggs on the map.

Amy Macdonald (born 25 August 1987 in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow) is a Scottish singer and songwriter. Her debut album, "This is the Life" (2007), has sold more than 2.5 millions copies.

Watch the video-clip of her song "This is the Life"...

(a song used in a famous TV advert).

Using the lyrics of the song This is the Life look for Synonyms, Antonyms & Definitions:

A Synonym for:
- Chilly:_______
- Obscure: _______

An Antonym for:
- Hot: ________
- Light: ________
- Low: _______
- Inside: ______
- Everybody: ______

Which words have the following Definitions?:
- _________ : vocal, instrumental or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody or harmony.
-  _________ : a type of car that carries passengers to a place for an amount of money.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In conclusion, and taking the example of Bishopbriggs, I think that:

"Either personal experiences (a) or famous people (b) put certain places on the map".
My personal experience as Assistant Teacher in Scotland (a) and the music performed by famous people such as Amy Macdonald (b) has helped to put Bishopbriggs on the map. (Bishopbriggs is a small town in East Dunbartonshirne, near Glasgow, in Scotland; UK). Today Bishopbriggs' close geographic proximity to Glasgow effectively makes it a suburb and commuter town of the city.

And this is Bishopbriggs
... a lovely place that otherwise -maybe- would not have been known for us!

"This is the Life"...


  1. Jesus echa un vistazo a este enlace he encontrado la canción en ingles de Mclan..jeje

    !!!son ellosss!!

  2. Well Done!!
    You are a very good detective!!