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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Samson's Titanic

(Have a look first at the previous post, "TITANIC" - 6th May 2011)

 Talking about "Titanic"...
Do you know this book?

  In my opinion, a story worthwhile reading ...

Let's have a look at the opening lines of that fantastic book,  
"Samson's Titanic Journey"
by Lauren Graham & Roisin Mathews...
(O'Donnell Press)

Samson was very excited. He had lived in the shipyard in Belfast since he was a baby mouse but never before had as much as fuss been made about a ship. The beautiful new luxury liner called Titanic was about to be launched. The shipyard workers had been building it for months and now the day had arrived when it would finally set sail for Southampton.
Samson was going too. He had decided to leave his hometown in search of a better life in America and couldn´t think of a more spectacular way to get there than by travelling on board the Titanic. (...)  


1.- Answer the following questions:

a) Who is Samson?
b) Why was Samson excited?
c) What is Samson’s hometown?
d) Where had he decided to go after abandoning his hometown?
e) How many geographical locations are mentioned on the given text? Name all of them and explain “Samson’s journey”.

2.- Read the text carefully and look for:

a) A Synonym for:
- Ultimately:
b) An Antonym for:
-          Always:
-          Calm:
-          Old:
-          Humble:

3.- Grammatical Reference:

-          Is Samson male or female? Why?
-          What does “it” refer to in line 3?
-          What does “he” refer to in line 5?

4.- Find the words on the text whose definitions are the following ones:

    -  “a place where ships are built or repaired”:
    -   “a ship belonging to a regular line”: 

 *  *  *
And just to finish...
Close your eyes and listen to Sungha Jung
a 15-year-old guitarist from South Korea
performing "My heart will go on" with his guitar.

                                                                                                               I hope you like it! 


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