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Friday, May 6, 2011



Read the following cutting from a Spanish newspaper:

El “Titanic” navega de nuevo

La ciudad de Belfast, en el norte de la isla de Irlanda, conmemora en el mes de mayo el centenario de la botadura del Titanic en sus astilleros con dos exposiciones y varias rutas turísticas en barco y en autobús.

Suplemento EL VIAJERO

 Let's commemorate that event with the famous song
"My heart will go on", by Celine Dion,
from the sound track of the 1997 film ...

Watch the following video with the Theme Song of the film "TITANIC":

Listen to the song "My heart will go on" again and 
Write the missing word in every line: (lines 1-14)

Every  _1_  in my dreams
I see you. I feel  _2_.
That is how  _3_  Know you go on.
Far across  _4_  distance
And spaces  _5_  us
You have come to show you go  _6_.
Near, far, wherever you  _7_
I believe that the  _8_  does go on
Once more you  _9_  the door
And you are  _10_  in my heart
And my heart will go on  _11_  on.
Love can touch us one  _12_
And last  _13_  a lifetime
And  _14_  let go till we are gone.

You can check out your answers at:

Now it is your turn...
If you have an addiction
and that is Karaoke
the following video is specially for you...

Enjoy your singing!!

But if you like history instead, have a look at the following Visual Documentary about
"The Titanic Tragedy"

                                                                                                         Have a nice week-end !!

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